SUSTAINABLE COOLER-MELT SAFETY (44-60% COOLER versus traditional hot melt) ADHESIVES
  1. Improve Non-Warp Properties
    REDUCE Winter dry season warp related problems on your paper converting assemblies. $ave money!
    We will show you how our proprietary approach to non-warp formulating advances your efforts to improve quality, $aving you money.
  2. Boost Productivity Numbers
    Increase productivity output and lessen down time connected with glue buildup. $ave money!
    We will show you how America's best quality raw materials reduce waste and improve quality units produced on a per hour basis, $aving you money.
  3. BIO-BOND Takes The Hot Out Of Hot Melt
    Our products will show you how to apply adhesives at 140F application temperature versus 250-350F. We take the hot out of hot melt. $ave large dollars on lost time accidents related to skin burn insurance claims!
    Your workers will love the safety factors of COOLER-MELT SAFETY versus dangerous hot melt adhesives. Our products clean up easily with warm water, and in many cases improve adhesion under adverse conditions, $aving you money.
  4. Sustainable Leadership
    We help you prove a compelling story that perfectly positions your company where you want to be for the future, regarding Sustainable & Safety Leadership. This will improve your bottom line long-term profitability.
    You will show your commitment to demonstrating Sustainable Packaging and Safety Stewardship, by switching to COOLER-MELT SAFETY adhesives. Your stockholders will reward your leadership.
Making your long-term profitability improvement ideas a reality