SUSTAINABLE COOLER-MELT SAFETY (44-60% COOLER versus traditional hot melt) ADHESIVES



BIO-BOND LLC earth-friendly natural polymer based adhesives are strategically manufacturered in Iowa, America's Collagen Heartland, using premium select quality raw materials.
Better Iowa quality natural collagen ingredients equals better quality adhesives.   
Included, is a proprietary based GEL-BOOST TECHNOLOGY that enhances adhesive film-tack strength properties to assist operators ability to run at faster line speeds.  
Also, a SPECIAL-FILTRATION process insures unrivaled purity. 
BIO-BOND LLC advances worker safety with COOLER-MELT SAFETY adhesives, that eliminate worker skin burn problems connected with the use of dangerous high application temperature hot melt adhesives.
Eliminate costly and serious skin burn insurance claims!  Don't wait, help your workers safety now!
COOLER-MELT SAFETY natural polymer-based biodegradable adhesives, takes the HOT out of HOT melt.
COOLER-MELT SAFETY adhesive products typically reduce energy use by over 44-60% ENERGY SAVINGS compared to traditional 250-350F application temperatures hot melt adhesives.


BIO-BOND LLC is dedicated to providing industry with the finest quality planet-friendly COOLER-MELT SAFETY adhesive products.  
Many companies want to market their corporate sustainability "differential advantage" mission statement as a compelling story proposition.
BIO-BOND, LLC helps you make your Packaging Sustainability improvement ideas a reality.

We inspire sustainability and safety vision leadership 
116-Years of Combined Experience
Mr. Steve Rynders, former Executive Board Member of Peter Cooper Corporation, brings his wealth of Collagen-based adhesives knowledge to benefit our customers profitability.  
Mr. Rynders, vast manufacturing (former follow on Henkel and Dow Chemical Manufacturing, Sales, and Laboratory Technical Services General Manager), and sales experience is second-to-none in the natural-based adhesives industry.
We know how to satisfy customer needs by reason of expert formulated adhesives together with application equipment knowledge.  Many equipment operators prefer our cleaner machining and stronger tack strength glues.
Mr. Jim Aird, is our highly skilled Kolbus Casemaker expert who was trained in Germany at the Kolbus Factory.  Mr. Aird, cross-trained many other Kolbus Casemaker operators within a $5-Billion dollar US book printing company.
BIO-BOND LLC's business founder (Richard Thomas), is the former Olympic Adhesives, Inc., Laboratory Technician, Mr. Paul Ryan said about Richard ("not everyone could master" "efficient, capable, reliable, and an outstanding employee of the Company" "truly believe that he could accomplish anything that he set his mind to"), then as the former Technical Director, Product Manager, and Bookbinding Industry Manager for L. D. Davis Industries, Inc., Mr. Louis D. Davis Jr. and Mr. Ken Moye jointly said about Richard ("L. D. Davis is great because you are the best," "Richard's knowledge of this industry and its product requirements is outstanding and certainly his success and sales growth in this area speak for itself"), also as the former GREENPAK & Graphic Arts Industry Product Manager for Brockton Adhesives, Mr. Fred Rockefeller, Chairman of Cranston Print Works Company, the parent company said about Richard ("always giving your best" "Your performance should be a source of great satisfaction" "thanks to you" "Brockton Adhesives has established a fine reputation for quality products and responsive service to its customers because of your contributions"), to date with 37+ years of combined Collagen-based adhesive laboratory, manufacturing, and field technical sales service experience.  Mr. Thomas, remains teachable and enjoys learning!
COOLER-MELT (44-60% Cooler), lessens Burns!
BIO-BOND LLC is America's only adhesive manufacturer that is 100% dedicated to producing SAFETY ENHANCED COOLER-MELT SAFETY BIODEGRADABLE natural-based adhesives, strategically located in Iowa, America's Collagen Heartland, USA. 
Minimize your downside business position, regarding serious skin burn lost-time accident insurance claims, that could cost your company $-millions?
Help improve your workers SAFETY  by eliminating serious skin burns by taking the HOT out of HOT melt adhesives. Once you switch to COOLER-MELT SAFETY adhesives.  You will never switch back to dangerously high (250-350 F) application temperature HOT melt adhesives. 
Raw Material Relationships
We have established solid business relationships with the world's largest Collagen raw material manufacturers based in Iowa, America's Collagen Heartland, to insure a steady flow of supreme quality finished products to service our customers demand for ultra high quality requirements.
Satisfied Customers
We supply the largest and smaller sustainable natural-based glue using companies adhesives that adhere billions of high quality converted assemblies. All our customers are equally important, and we prove excellent customer service every day, and every minute.  We answer our telephones and reply to emails in a quick and professional manner. We take pride in having very happy customers.
We make your profitability improvement ideas a reality